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Hayling Island activities - May and June

Hayling Island tree warden Eric describes the past months activities:
"This last month I have been supporting the Hampshire Rangers and HCCG on a couple of occasions at Sandy Point as they deal with the gorse to get it into grassland or pasture for the cows. My principle activity this last month has been getting the booklet Trees in Hayling Island Park together. It is now in the proof reading stage and a printer approached for costs.
The other activity was to prepare all 90 tree survey documents for the hedge surveying on Hayling. Then, the first hedge surveys on the Hayling Billy Trail were done, where I was joined by other tree wardens including a new starter who is from Hayling.  Making clean copies showed up weaknesses in the document pack that need to be corrected. Only 88 more surveys to be done and for that a lot more effort is required to get landowner permissions. 

I got my copy of the Tree Warden Handbook Part 15, Treezilla, which made me very excited, not one tree recorded on Hayling Island, so there is another challenge. My views about the National Tree Map was that is did not record all the trees on the island, so here is another opportunity.

Further hedge surveying is to be done and help for that and measuring tree characteristics are essentials for the surveys and really should not be too onerous."