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April Tree Warden Activities

With the Hayling Coastal Conservation Group and the Hampshire Rangers having planted the hedge plants earlier at the northern end of the Haying Billy Trail at the beginning of April, the remaining plants were planted at the very southern end. Altogether we planted about 300 plants from the Woodland Trust including Hawthorn, Hazel, Birch, Rowan, Blackthorn, Oak, Sea Buckthorn, Guelder Rose, Goat Willow and Dogwood, which included some locally donated plants adding a bit more variety.

By the end of April the hedge plants are sprouting well with nearly a 100% take. End of April saw a donation of two small lorry loads of wood chipping for mulch around the hedge plants, from Michael Reed & Co Tree Service of  Emsworth. Herbicide is not permitted in the High Level Stewardship Scheme part of the planting area. On Thursday 26 April most of the plants we had put in for the first mile from the south had the been surrounded with the mulch, but we used less than expected. Hopefully County R…