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The Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

On the 19th May Frances Jannaway, (Havant Borough Tree Warden volunteer coordinator from 2006 - 2015) and Peter Wallbank (current coordinator) attended Her Majesty the Queen’s Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. They were invited by the Tree Council to recognise the significant contribution made by local Tree Wardens in this the 25th year since they launched the national Tree Warden scheme.

Amongst other significant contributions, Frances was fundamental in obtaining nearly £20,000 from the Big Tree Plant funding scheme provided by DEFRA (Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs) and the Forestry Commission to increase the number of trees planted in cities, towns and neighbourhoods, and organising the planting throughout the Borough. The aim was to involve as many local people as possible in planting and looking after trees in their neighbourhood. Between 2012 and 2015, 4,780 trees were planted in 15 separate locations such as schools, parks, nature conservation areas, o…