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Guided walk around Leigh Park Gardens

Seven Tree Wardens from around the Borough (including a new Tree Warden for Waterlooville) plus a Tree Warden from Portsmouth and 3 guests had a very enjoyable guided tree walk round Leigh Park Gardens last Sunday afternoon (12 May).

Staunton Country Park ranger, Adam Maskell guided the party and started with the large wooden sculpture at the entrance to the gardens depictsing a dragon inside its house - a tree. The sculpture was made in situ from a very tall conifer (Pinus radiata) which had reached the end of its life.

The party looked at several of the trees planted in November 2012 as part of the Havant Borough Tree Warden,  Big Tree Plant project. Adam described some of the tree management techniques used in the park and showed the party several veteran trees and the very rare Fern-leaved Beech circle. It was a very interesting afternoon and much appreciated by all.