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Poorly Oak

In 2011 we used some funds that were obtained from Waitroses Community Matters scheme to pay for the planting of some trees along a path in Waterlooville. The species planted were two field maples and an oak tree. The field maples are doing fine but unfortunately the oak has been struggling.

During summer 2012 the oaks foliage was looking anemic, with pale green leaves. Later in autumn it failed to lose it's leaves (not unusual apparently for a young oak). So a Waterlooville tree warden contacted Hampshire County Councils arbicultural office for advice and it was agreed that a warden would apply a high nitrogen fertilizer during the spring and summer months of 2013.

It is hoped that the trees health will be improved and that it will start to thrive. If and when the situation changes, updates on this story will be posted in News and Events.