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2013 Havant Borough Tree Warden Forum

Jon Stokes presentation
The Havant Borough Tree Warden forum was well attended yesterday. 30 people in total participated in the event, 19 tree wardens, 8 guests, Jon Stokes (The Tree Council), Jamie Gargett and Andrew Skeet (both from Havant Borough Council).

Jon's presentation discussed 4 national issues facing trees and people who care about them:
  1. Forestry ReviewLocalism including 
  2. Local Action and Planning Policy Framework
  3. Pests and Diseases including Ash Die-back
  4. Food Supply
The main thrust of the presentation was that Tree Wardens have an essential role to play in all 4 areas, but especially Localism and Pests & Diseases.

Jamie's presentation was on Trees and Subsidence and included recent changes to tree legislation, especially concerning TPO trees and development of housing estates.

On 26 Feb 2013, the day before the forum, tree wardens and Hayling Island conservation volunteers completed the first stage of our 5500 tree 'Big Tree Plant' project, having planted 815 trees in Havant Borough at specific project sites. More trees are to be planted in following planting seasons in the coming years.

Volunteers gather for the final 2013 tree planting push