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Help save trees by taking part in a survey

Scientists are urging people across Britain to get outdoors and examine the health of the trees in their gardens, local parks or woodlands before the end of September. The Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) project was launched in May and runs until the end of September. It gives people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to learn more about our trees and help scientists protect them from pests and diseases including Ash Dieback.

Time is running out and the scientists need as many people as possible to take part.

For more information visit the OPAL web site:

Billys Lake volunteers

Billy’s Lake, also known locally as ‘The Sandpits’, is a quiet area located in a woodland in the parish of Denmead, Winchester and adjacent to the urban conurbations of Waterlooville and Wecock housing estate in Havant Borough.

If you would like to help with the Billys Lake project, telephone John Candlish-Welford on 02392 258423.

They will be doing some work on the project on Saturday 15th June.

For more information, visit the Billys Lake Facebook page or the Acorn Centre web site.

Guided walk around Leigh Park Gardens

Seven Tree Wardens from around the Borough (including a new Tree Warden for Waterlooville) plus a Tree Warden from Portsmouth and 3 guests had a very enjoyable guided tree walk round Leigh Park Gardens last Sunday afternoon (12 May).

Staunton Country Park ranger, Adam Maskell guided the party and started with the large wooden sculpture at the entrance to the gardens depictsing a dragon inside its house - a tree. The sculpture was made in situ from a very tall conifer (Pinus radiata) which had reached the end of its life.

The party looked at several of the trees planted in November 2012 as part of the Havant Borough Tree Warden,  Big Tree Plant project. Adam described some of the tree management techniques used in the park and showed the party several veteran trees and the very rare Fern-leaved Beech circle. It was a very interesting afternoon and much appreciated by all.

Poorly Oak

In 2011 we used some funds that were obtained from Waitroses Community Matters scheme to pay for the planting of some trees along a path in Waterlooville. The species planted were two field maples and an oak tree. The field maples are doing fine but unfortunately the oak has been struggling.

During summer 2012 the oaks foliage was looking anemic, with pale green leaves. Later in autumn it failed to lose it's leaves (not unusual apparently for a young oak). So a Waterlooville tree warden contacted Hampshire County Councils arbicultural office for advice and it was agreed that a warden would apply a high nitrogen fertilizer during the spring and summer months of 2013.

It is hoped that the trees health will be improved and that it will start to thrive. If and when the situation changes, updates on this story will be posted in News and Events.

2013 Havant Borough Tree Warden Forum

The Havant Borough Tree Warden forum was well attended yesterday. 30 people in total participated in the event, 19 tree wardens, 8 guests, Jon Stokes (The Tree Council), Jamie Gargett and Andrew Skeet (both from Havant Borough Council).

Jon's presentation discussed 4 national issues facing trees and people who care about them:
Forestry ReviewLocalism including Local Action and Planning Policy FrameworkPests and Diseases including Ash Die-backFood Supply The main thrust of the presentation was that Tree Wardens have an essential role to play in all 4 areas, but especially Localism and Pests & Diseases.

Jamie's presentation was on Trees and Subsidence and included recent changes to tree legislation, especially concerning TPO trees and development of housing estates.

On 26 Feb 2013, the day before the forum, tree wardens and Hayling Island conservation volunteers completed the first stage of our 5500 tree 'Big Tree Plant' project, having planted 815 trees in Havant Bo…

5500 tree project – stage 1 nearing completion

At the beginning of November 2012, Havant Borough Tree Wardens were awarded funding of £25,480 to plant 5,583 trees across the Borough, with the planting taking place over the next 3 years.

The borough wide tree-planting project consists of 9 separate projects, five of which are nearing completion this planting season (October 2012 to March 2013) with 815 trees planted. Planting was delayed on several occasions due to bad weather during the autumn and winter including torrential rain, hard frosts and snow.

The first to kick off during national tree planting week was Staunton Country Park in Leigh Park, where rangers together with a band of 35 helpers worked hard to plant 24 large trees between 29 November 2012 and 11 January 2013. Help came from Havant Day Services, a local special needs school and regular Staunton Country Park volunteers. Trees planted include Lime, English Oak, Copper Beech, Metasequoia, Paulownia and Zelcova. The remaining 52 trees will be planted in autumn 2013.…

Forum and Get Together

Interested in trees and want to make a difference?

    Meet Tree Wardens in the Borough    Hear about current tree matters from local and national experts    Ask questions about tree related issues.
Wednesday 27 February, 7-9pm
Public Service Plaza, Civic Centre Road, Havant

Presentations will be given on the following topics, with plenty of time to answer questions:

How Tree Wardens can make a difference – Jon Stokes (The Tree Council)
Trees and Subsidence – Jamie Gargett (HBC arboriculturalist)
Trees on Havant Borough Council land – Andrew Skeet (HBC arborist)

If you would like to reserve a place, it is essential that you let the HBTW coordinator, Frances Jannaway, know (contact info). Those that have confirmed places are encouraged to bring finger food and soft drinks.

Meet in the foyer at 6.45pm