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5,500 trees to be planted

Exciting news.

For a number of months now our coordinator Frances Jannaway and numerous tree wardens across Havant Borough have been busy putting together a Big Tree Plant funding application. Frances has of course done most of the hard work! The Big Tree Plant scheme was devised to enable the planting of up to 1 million trees across the UK over a 5 year period.

We are delighted to announce that our application has been successful and we have been awarded the sum of £25,480 to plant 5,583 trees in public spaces within Havant Borough. The project stretches across the borough and includes Bedhampton, Hayling Island, Emsworth, Leigh Park, Waterlooville and Purbrook.

The trees will be planted by a variety of voluntary groups and organisations, including Tree Wardens, Nature Conservation Volunteers, Teachers, children and their parents and other community groups such as Hayling Island Horticultural Society, Havant Day Services, Stroke Recovery groups.

If you would like to help plant trees in this project, contact our volunteer coordinator
We will be posting news about this project as it progresses in the coming years, so stay tuned!


Havant Borough Tree Wardens get funding to plant 5,583 trees in the Borough

Funding awarded by Big Tree Plant to HBTW: £25,480 to plant 5,583 trees in public places over next 3 years in 9 projects in the Borough of Havant. Possibly the largest tree planting project in Havant Borough in recent years.

The project enables a wide variety of people and groups from diverse backgrounds to benefit from the grant scheme and become involved in maintaining and enhancing the Borough's heritage of magnificent trees. Our Victorian forebears planted a great many of the trees we enjoy today but sadly many of these trees in the Borough and across the country, have been and still are being lost due to the ravages of development, disease, changing climate and the passage of time.

Havant Borough Tree Warden (HBTW) Network is an informal voluntary group set up under the auspices of The Tree Council, a national charity. Havant Borough Council (HBC) is a Member of The Tree Council. A Tree Warden scheme was set up in Havant Borough in 1995. HBC was awarded a plaque to honour 10 years’ commitment to the Tree Council’s Tree Warden Scheme in 2006. In 2012, there is a very strong, stable network of 40 Tree Wardens across the Borough divided into 6 area groups. Each area group meets regularly to implement tree related projects and discuss tree issues in their areas.

The Big Tree Plant is a campaign launched in 2010 to encourage people and communities to plant more trees in England’s towns, cities and neighbourhoods. It is a partnership bringing together national tree-planting organisations and local groups working with Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and the Forestry Commission to plant trees throughout England. The 5 year campaign encourages local community groups to plant and care for 1 million trees in their neighbourhood, particularly in urban areas that are currently deprived of greenery.

Where will the trees be planted?
  • Street trees in Bedhampton, Hayling Island, Leigh Park and Waterlooville - requested by residents for example to screen a block of flats or celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Trees include Oak, Rowan, Birch, Lime, Italian Alder, Turkish Hazel, Holm Oak. Tree planting will start in February 2013.
  • Recreation grounds in Bedhampton and Emsworth requested by local Tree Wardens to improve the public amenity value. Tree planting will start in February 2013. Trees to be planted include Small-leaved Lime, Oak and Field Maple.
  • Leigh Park Gardens landscape history project to replace and extend an important local natural heritage site (Grade II English Heritage landscape) where many magnificent trees only have another 20 to 30 years to live. The planting and aftercare will involve local schools, site users, volunteers and Havant Day Services. Trees to be planted include Copper Beech, Fern-leaved Beech, Lime, English Oak, Wellingtionia, Gingko, Coast red-wood and Magnolia. Tree planting will start during tree planting week at the end of November this year.
  • Hermitage Stream naturalisation project is a collaboration between the Environment Agency, Havant Borough Council Open Spaces Development and Groundwork Solent to make a wonderful natural environment. Local residents will be involved in planting and caring for the trees right in the middle of Leigh Park. Tree planting will start this winter and continue in 2013/14 and 2014/15. Trees to be planted include Oak, Rowan, Whitebeam, Birch, Hazel, Hawthorn, Crab Apple, Wild Cherry.
  • Infant Schools – Purbrook and Hayling (Mill Rythe) as part of a Growing Together project to help children plant and care for trees for the future benefit of all.
  • Nature Conservation Areas in Waterlooville (Park Wood) and Emsworth (Brook Meadow LNR) – as part of two woodland restoration projects. Tree planting will start in February 2013. Trees planted include Oak, Beech and Alder.
  • Hayling Billy Trail – planting small copses to increase biodiversity and provide shade to walkers and cyclists. Planting and after care by Hayling Coastal Conservation Group under supervision of ranger. Trees planted include Alder Buckthrn, Oak, Holly, Field Maple, Wych Elm.

No Ash trees have been included in the planting schemes due to the Ash disease currently prevalent in East Anglia.

When will the trees be planted?
About 850 trees will be planted over the coming autumn/winter with another 3,000 planted in autumn/winter 2013/14 and the remainder (1,650) planted in 2014/15.

Who will plant and look after the trees?
Residents, Tree Wardens, Nature Conservation Volunteers, Schools including teachers, children and their parents, other community groups such as Hayling Island Horticultural Society, Havant Day Services, Stroke Recovery groups, and many more.

Get involved
Anybody can get involved in planting and caring for trees to help make neighbourhoods more attractive, healthy places to live. If you would like to get involved in this amazing community project, please contact the HBTW volunteer coordinator