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Ash Tree Dieback

Havant Borough Tree Wardens are on the look out for the Ash tree disease in the borough, but we are only a small group, so the trees need your help as well. We hope to post local information and are looking at developing a web page specifically about the problem. In the meantime here are a number of resources that may help you in identifying and reporting Ash trees.

This is a new mobile phone application that allows the reporting of trees on many popular smart phones.

Tree Disease
A web site set up by the Woodland Trust that outlines the trusts 3 point plan to tackle the disease. The site also has information about identifying the disease and what to do about it. You can sign up to help via a form on the web site.

Forest Commission
Probably the best resource for identifying the disease and includes a video:

BBC web page
This web page has some useful information about the Ash tree dieback (Chalara Fraxinea) disease.