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Havant Goes Greener Week - 2012

Frances gave a talk about trees and tree wardens at Staunton Country Park on Wednesday 20 June which was followed by a very interesting walk led by Adam, one of the rangers at the park. Pauline - Portsmouth and Southsea Tree Warden Coordinator - brought 4 tree wardens from Portsmouth, swelling the numbers to a very select but respectable 10.

At the Green Fair on Saturday 23 June, Havant Borough Tree Wardens had a joint stall with Rachel Moroney (The Conservation Volunteers). Ann, Rachel, Richard and Colin helped set up the 2 gazebos under quite windy conditions.

The wishing tree activity was managed by Ann, Ros and Yvonne and was as popular as ever - with nearly 70 decorated stars and butterflies hanging from the nearby wishing tree. The wishes ranged from 'More birds, butterflies, trees, flowers, grass, penguins, wild animals, animals' and particular favourites of Frances 'More lettuces and cabbages for slugs' and 'More buses and beetles'!
'Less pollution, no rubbish or litter, no cutting down of trees anywhere in the world, less consumption, people to stop killing animals, Africa had more food, fairer distribution of wealth to help poor countries, cure for diabetes, stop people dying, make the world a safer place and wish that earth would be a kinder place'

Ken and Yvonne helped Richard with the bird boxes. A total of 12 bird boxes were made with help from several children and adults. The children’s faces were a delight to see while they were making the box - full of intense concentration.