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Hayling Island tree wardens donate Oriental Plane

Hayling Island tree wardens recently donated an Oriental Plane tree in Hayling Park. The tree was planted by Mrs Zita Good the former Friends of Hayling Trees chairwoman and it was donated in recognition of the valuable work carried out by Mrs Good and her volunteers.

Friends of Hayling Trees were active for many years and in 1998 the group planted an Oak tree on the island in celebration of the twinning with Gorron in France. Later in 2008 they received a donation from Hayling Cycle Ride, a regular event that raises money for local charities.

The Friends of Hayling Trees disbanded three years ago after many years successfully protecting and planting trees. Today Havant Borough Tree Wardens continue similar good work.

Ash Tree Dieback

Havant Borough Tree Wardens are on the look out for the Ash tree disease in the borough, but we are only a small group, so the trees need your help as well. We hope to post local information and are looking at developing a web page specifically about the problem. In the meantime here are a number of resources that may help you in identifying and reporting Ash trees.

This is a new mobile phone application that allows the reporting of trees on many popular smart phones.

Tree Disease
A web site set up by the Woodland Trust that outlines the trusts 3 point plan to tackle the disease. The site also has information about identifying the disease and what to do about it. You can sign up to help via a form on the web site.

Forest Commission
Probably the best resource for identifying the disease and includes a video:

BBC web page
This web page has some useful information about the Ash tree dieback (Chalara Fraxinea) disease.…

5,500 trees to be planted

Exciting news.

For a number of months now our coordinator Frances Jannaway and numerous tree wardens across Havant Borough have been busy putting together a Big Tree Plant funding application. Frances has of course done most of the hard work! The Big Tree Plant scheme was devised to enable the planting of up to 1 million trees across the UK over a 5 year period.

We are delighted to announce that our application has been successful and we have been awarded the sum of £25,480 to plant 5,583 trees in public spaces within Havant Borough. The project stretches across the borough and includes Bedhampton, Hayling Island, Emsworth, Leigh Park, Waterlooville and Purbrook.

The trees will be planted by a variety of voluntary groups and organisations, including Tree Wardens, Nature Conservation Volunteers, Teachers, children and their parents and other community groups such as Hayling Island Horticultural Society, Havant Day Services, Stroke Recovery groups.

If you would like to help plant trees…

Tree Wardens oppose hedgerow removal

A group of Bedhampton Tree Wardens are trying to save some trees that are threatened by a new proposed housing development in their area. A planning application for 92 dwellings on fields alongside the A3M in Bedhampton has been submitted to HBC (APP/12/00612) identical to the one previously refused by the Council last May.

The group say a number of trees on site are protected by TPO’s and appear safe for now but the application calls for the removal of seven groups of trees; five of these are really hedgerows containing elder and hawthorn located on the boundary between existing houses and the development site.

The tree wardens point out that of particular irony is that some of the groups are being removed to “facilitate” what the developer’s ecologist says will be a “Managed Conservation Area”.

Havant Goes Greener Week - 2012

Frances gave a talk about trees and tree wardens at Staunton Country Park on Wednesday 20 June which was followed by a very interesting walk led by Adam, one of the rangers at the park. Pauline - Portsmouth and Southsea Tree Warden Coordinator - brought 4 tree wardens from Portsmouth, swelling the numbers to a very select but respectable 10.

At the Green Fair on Saturday 23 June, Havant Borough Tree Wardens had a joint stall with Rachel Moroney (The Conservation Volunteers). Ann, Rachel, Richard and Colin helped set up the 2 gazebos under quite windy conditions.

The wishing tree activity was managed by Ann, Ros and Yvonne and was as popular as ever - with nearly 70 decorated stars and butterflies hanging from the nearby wishing tree. The wishes ranged from 'More birds, butterflies, trees, flowers, grass, penguins, wild animals, animals' and particular favourites of Frances 'More lettuces and cabbages for slugs' and 'More buses and beetl…