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Tree planting at Hartplain Junior School

Havant Borough Tree Wardens celebrated 20 years of the Tree Council tree warden scheme today by planting a new Oak tree at Hartplain Junior School.

The tree replaced a large, old, diseased Oak tree that was much loved by the children, staff and parents of the school. The original tree became a danger to pupils and had to be removed.

The Mayor of Havant Borough attended the event, along with some school governors, tree wardens, teachers and Year 6 pupils. Jon Stokes, the Tree Council Director of Rural Programmes advised and helped with the tree planting.

Funding was provided by the Waitrose Community Support Scheme for which local tree wardens had submitted an application at the Waterlooville store early in 2010. After Waitrose customers had finished voting in February, the count revealed that Havant Borough Tree Wardens had received a record 50% of the vote. A cheque for £500 was handed over to tree warden coordinator …