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Emsworth Tree Wardens advise developer

In June, Jon Stokes conducted a hedgerow harvest walk in Emsworth, starting at Brookfield Hotel. This was followed by a 'bats and trees' walk and talk to Warblington.

Tree Wardens in Emsworth were praised for their involvement in discussions with council planners and arborcultural consultants, regarding the Hampshire Farm housing development. The developers Linden Homes are proposing to build over 200 homes on the site with a large Public Open Space along side. All the recommendations made by the tree wardens for the Public Open Space have been included in the development.
They include:
Planting 1 hectare of woodland5 edible hedgerows5 wildflower areas sown with different seeds12 standard Oak treestree wardens to be consulted on the seed mixes and hedgerow compositiontree wardens to be involved in the management of the open space The group has laid the foundation for similar consultations across Havant Borough.