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Tree Wardens help at Stansted

In May 2009 a party of Rotarians and Emsworth Tree Wardens enjoyed a guided tour of the Stansted Estate arboretum conducted by head forester Michael Prior. At that time a joint donation was made to Stansted Estate for the cost of planting of a tree in the arboretum to commemorate the visit. The planting of the tree took place on Wednesday 23rd February and was attended by President Trevor and a small group of Rotarians and Tree Wardens together with Michael Prior. The tree selected was a variegated sweet chestnut and the following entry was inscribed in the Book of Commemoration kept for public viewing in the Estate Mansion: -

The Rotary Club of Havant in conjunction with the Emsworth Tree Wardens are pleased to support the work of the Stansted Estate in the protection and development of our environment.