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Fruit hedges planted on Hayling Island

As part of The Tree Council's project – Hedgerow Harvest - volunteers from HIHS Growing Together Project led by their Chairman, Bill Biggs (tree warden), together with Ray Jones & Peter Burton came together with Local Councillors of Havant Borough Council led by Cllr. Yvonne Weeks, the immediate past mayor together with her husband Brian and supported by Cllrs. Victor Pierce Jones and Michael Wilson to plant 100m of fruiting hedge along Hayling College boundary commencing at on 29th November.

The hedgerow planting then moved onto Mengham Junior School, where Deputy Head teacher, Lee Jerromes had arranged support from members of staff, parents galore, including French families, governors and the whole student population of the school.

Tree planting at Hartplain Junior School

Havant Borough Tree Wardens celebrated 20 years of the Tree Council tree warden scheme today by planting a new Oak tree at Hartplain Junior School.

The tree replaced a large, old, diseased Oak tree that was much loved by the children, staff and parents of the school. The original tree became a danger to pupils and had to be removed.

The Mayor of Havant Borough attended the event, along with some school governors, tree wardens, teachers and Year 6 pupils. Jon Stokes, the Tree Council Director of Rural Programmes advised and helped with the tree planting.

Funding was provided by the Waitrose Community Support Scheme for which local tree wardens had submitted an application at the Waterlooville store early in 2010. After Waitrose customers had finished voting in February, the count revealed that Havant Borough Tree Wardens had received a record 50% of the vote. A cheque for £500 was handed over to tree warden coordinator …

Emsworth Tree Wardens advise developer

In June, Jon Stokes conducted a hedgerow harvest walk in Emsworth, starting at Brookfield Hotel. This was followed by a 'bats and trees' walk and talk to Warblington.

Tree Wardens in Emsworth were praised for their involvement in discussions with council planners and arborcultural consultants, regarding the Hampshire Farm housing development. The developers Linden Homes are proposing to build over 200 homes on the site with a large Public Open Space along side. All the recommendations made by the tree wardens for the Public Open Space have been included in the development.
They include:
Planting 1 hectare of woodland5 edible hedgerows5 wildflower areas sown with different seeds12 standard Oak treestree wardens to be consulted on the seed mixes and hedgerow compositiontree wardens to be involved in the management of the open space The group has laid the foundation for similar consultations across Havant Borough.

Trees planted in Bedhampton

In March Mrs Fowles and some of her class at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School in Bedhampton, planted some trees provided by the Woodland Trust around the perimeter of the school grounds. Groundsman Rob Green and Mr Pete Spencer of the Bedhampton Volunteers, were on hand to provide technical backup.

Havant Borough Tree Warden for Bedhampton, Jim Graham, made an application for the trees last year and chose the 'Year-round colour' tree pack; this comprised of 105 'whips' made up of cherry, dogwood, hawthorn, hazel, rowan and silver birch.

Trees that were not used at the school were planted by the Bedhampton Volunteers around the village.

Tree Wardens help at Stansted

In May 2009 a party of Rotarians and Emsworth Tree Wardens enjoyed a guided tour of the Stansted Estate arboretum conducted by head forester Michael Prior. At that time a joint donation was made to Stansted Estate for the cost of planting of a tree in the arboretum to commemorate the visit. The planting of the tree took place on Wednesday 23rd February and was attended by President Trevor and a small group of Rotarians and Tree Wardens together with Michael Prior. The tree selected was a variegated sweet chestnut and the following entry was inscribed in the Book of Commemoration kept for public viewing in the Estate Mansion: -

The Rotary Club of Havant in conjunction with the Emsworth Tree Wardens are pleased to support the work of the Stansted Estate in the protection and development of our environment.

Waitrose fund trees in Waterlooville

Hampshire County Council planted three new trees along a path near Hambledon Road, one Oak and two Field Maples. Two of the trees were funded by Havant Borough Tree Wardens using money gained from the Waitrose Community Matters scheme.

The wardens applied to the scheme early in 2010 and later received a cheque for £500. The money also funded the Jubilee Park tree trail leaflet and an Oak tree at Hartplain Junior School.

Later in the year Hartplain Junior School applied for a fruit tree hedge via the Tree Council Hedgerow Harvest scheme. The hedge was planted in the school grounds and will provide an educational resource to the school as well as fruit for the school kitchen.

Waterlooville wardens were also involved in launching the borough favorite tree project and spoke at a government inspectors hearing, regarding some Oak trees undermining the foundations of two extensions.