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Tree Wardens Celebrate 20th Anniversary at House of Lords

A Havant Borough Tree Warden network tree champion headed for the House of Lords on Monday 29 November to mark 20 years of The Tree Council’s national Tree Warden Scheme and celebrate its National Tree Week.

Volunteer Tree Wardens, their network co-ordinators, politicians and senior local council officials from across the country gathered for a special reception hosted by Tree Council Trustee The Lord Best OBE on behalf of The Tree Council.

They included Frances Jannaway, Tree Warden and Tree Warden co-ordinator of the Havant Borough Tree Warden network, one of the 35 networks represented at the reception.
Environmental charity The Tree Council launched the national Tree Warden Scheme on 19 September 1990. Today it is a UK-wide force of 8,000 local volunteer tree champions in 150 local networks in England, Wales and Scotland, dedicated to their communities’ trees – both rural and, increasingly, urban.

“Tree Wardens have proved to be a very cost-effective way of helping to green their communities by planting and looking after local trees – whether in town or country,” said Lord Best.

“Tree Wardening is the embodiment of the Government’s ‘Big Society’ plans to engage more people in becoming ‘community organisers’.

As Tree Wardens already fit the bill, they are a thriving example of what the Coalition Government wishes to see on a wider scale. We look forward to them spearheading government campaigns like The Big Tree Plant, particularly as the Tree Warden Scheme is stronger than ever before in urban areas – in communities which especially need trees and the benefits they bring.”

National Tree Week, the launch of the tree planting season, is organised by The Tree Council. The 36th annual National Tree Week runs from 27 November to 5 December 2010.
Speakers at the House of Lords reception were:
  • Lord Best – Tree Council Trustee and Host
  • Alastair Douglas – Chairman of The Tree Council
  • Elaine Speakman – Manchester Tree Warden
  • Pam Warhurst – Chairman of the Forestry Commission