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Hedgerows are Green Lifesavers

Like to know how to save a hedgerow near you?

Learn how to become a Volunteer Hedgerow Surveyer and join Havant Borough Tree Wardens new team.

Come to the training session being offered by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and Havant Borough Tree Wardens:

On Thursday 8 March, 9.30-13.00 at Emsworth Community Centre and Brook Meadow Wildlife Reserve.

Places are limited, and interested people must phone 01243 373531 or email the coordinator to book one of 10-12 places.
Recent posts

The Secret Life of Trees, as seen on TV

BBC One is screening a fascinating programme next week: Weds 20.12.17 at 20:00hrs.

Watch through four seasons as trees maintain their 'community', warding off threats from Climate Change and pests, as well as protecting our environment.

Presented by Judi Dench from her own woodland, planted with her husband and nurtured over many years. She has a fine array of scientists and experts to help her explore the life of trees from root to growing twigs, and the supporting cast of micro-organisms, insects and animals.

Tree Planting at Hampshire Farm Meadows

Havant Borough Tree Wardens marked National Tree Week by helping The Friends of Hampshire Farm Meadows with replacement planting in Emsworth on Saturday, 2nd December.

Basal growth cut back

Tuesday: Friends of Havant Cemeteries and Tree Wardens cut basal growth from lime trees in New Lane Cemetery. Havant Borough Tree Warden Terry explained and supervised the work.

National Tree Week 2017

As National Tree Week – the UK’s biggest annual festival of trees – approaches, The Tree Council is calling on everyone everywhere to celebrate the value of trees, plant more and appreciate them all.

Across the UK, the presence of trees in cities, towns and rural landscapes, continues to add value to our lives every day, in many different ways. The value that trees provide can sometimes be taken for granted: they not only create a habitat for all sorts of wildlife, but provide services to humans too. We get food, fuel and building resources from them; they help prevent flooding, clean our polluted air and water supplies and conserve energy.

Trees are good for business, too. It’s been proven that trees increase property values as well as footfall in shopping or business areas, all of which helps to boost the local economy. The value and contribution of trees is immeasurable, going back to childhood memories such as climbing a favourite tree, admiring the gorgeous autumn colours they br…

Grow your own with Havant Borough Tree Wardens

Havant Borough Tree Wardens will be collecting tree seeds at Sandy Dell in Purbrook on Saturday 16th September as part of The Tree Council’s annual Seed Gathering Season campaign.  Everyone is welcome and participants will learn to identify trees and their seeds and how to grow them. Meet at Sandy Dell at 10.00am.
The Tree Warden Scheme is a national initiative launched in 1990 by The Tree Council, the tree campaigning charity, to enable people to play an active role in conserving and enhancing their local trees and woods.  The Tree Council’s goal is to make “Trees matter to everyone” by working together:
¨for more trees, of the right kind in the right places ¨for better care for all trees, of all ages and ¨to inspire effective action for trees
Anyone who has an interest in trees, nature or conservation generally and can help in any way is welcome to join the group.

Havant at Home

Havant Borough Tree Wardens were represented in Havant Park on Saturday as part of Havant at Home, a free event organised by The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre ‘celebrating Havant Borough and the reasons we all love to call it home!’  Various community groups were present and entertainment included circus group hikapee who performed ‘house’ and local music acts on the Community Stage.

The event finished earlier than planned due to rain stopping the musical entertainment.  The deteriorating weather meant there was not a high attendance, but the stand and, particularly, the tree identification quiz attracted interest and visitors included the MP for Havant, Alan Mak, and the Mayor of Havant, Elaine Shimbart.  No one identified all twenty trees correctly.